Here is why Sasural is like Genda phool :)

I must confess, i thought it is an original song (lyrics and composition). But when i knew that it is a chattisgarhi folk song(read on for details), my liking for this song has increased ten folds (My initial liking itself was very high.. so you can imagine). And, we were intrigued by 'genda phool'; So, here is my interpretation of the song.

sainya ched deve (My husband keeps teasing me)

nanad chutki leve (My sister-in-law keeps taunting me)

sasural genda phool (??)

saas gari deve (Mother-in-law  keeps abusing me)
devarji samjha leve (Brother-in-law explains me their behavior -> cools me down)
sasural genda phool (??)

choda babul ka angna

(I have left my parent's house)
bhave dera piya ka ho!

(Now i have started liking my husband's house)

saas gari deve
devarji samjha leve
sasural genda phool

sanya ched deva…

sanyan hain vyapari (My husband is a buisnessman)
chaley hain pardes (He is going to foreign land for buisness)
sooratiya niharoon (I am looking at his face)
jiyara bhari hove (My heart is becoming heavy... on thoughts of his absence)
sasural genda phool (??)

saas gari deve
devarji samjha leve
sasural genda phool
sainya ched deve
nanad chutki leve

sasural genda phool

choda babul ka angna
bhave dera piya ka ho!
bushirt pahinein khayike beeda paan

(He is wearing a shirt, chewing paan (betel) )

poorey raipur se alag hai, sainyaji ki shaan

(Such is his aura in this appearance, that his glory is unmatched in entire raipur city)
sasural genda phool

sainya ched deve
nanad chutki leve
sasural genda phool
saas gari deve
samjha leve
sasural genda phool
choda babul ka angna
bhave dera piya ka ho!


After translating entire song, i have a feeling that genda phool is a meaphor used to describe sasural (in-law’s house).Let me explain:

Genda phool (marigold) is a yellow colored flower. 

At first sight, it does not look good, but one starts liking its smell gradually.

Different relationships in sasural are like different petals of genda phool.

This is a Chhattisgarhi traditional song written by Gangaram Shivarey & composed by Bhulwaram Yadav. Later, Bhulwaram Yadav taught this song to 3 joshi sisters ( ramadutt, rekha & prabhadutt joshi ) who performed this song. This song is now a well-known Chhattisgarhi folk song, performed in most of Chhattisgrahi marriages. Raghubir Yadav was assisting AR Rahman for the additional Folk music score for the film; he introduced this song to Rahman. Rahman liked this song so much, he instantly selected this for improvisation & Prasoon Joshi edited the lyrics for better understanding and edited the non-familiar chattishagarhi words. And here is the result ‘An exceptionally beautiful song’. What a fusion! Rahman is genius. How well he mixed Chhattisgarhi folk song with Hip-Hop beats. The beauty of the song can be explained by the dance which abhishek bachhan and ladies gang do in the video. Abhishek is doing some hip-hop steps, and the women are doing traditional dance; and the song matches both types of steps! Some reports say that original composers didn't get any credits, which is entirely unfair. In fact, Mr Joshi has been credited as the lyricist for this song. But, anyways the original soundtrack CD says

Courtesy: Raghubir Yadav, Additionall music supervision: Rajat Dholakia

So, I don’t think it is that bad :)


Pranay said...

Hey Vivek.. Thanks for clearing out this mystery about genda phool. Many a minutes were wasted in trying to find out what this symbolism symbolised in reality. I think your interpretation is spot on.

Good job!

vishnoi said...

nice job patel.. didn't think of the lyrics that seriously.. though the interpretation is lovely :)

Nitin Alabur said...

Me southindian, Trying to figure out the words initially.

Nice translation. I was told by someone else that Genda Phool (Marigold) is a flower thats used in marriages for decoration (I guess) and the song is hinting at the marriage of the other girl (I think she is Sonam kapoor's sis in the movie)

vippi said...

hi bro..thnx yaar...can u plzz giv me the download link of orignal version --Chhattisgarhi traditional song--genda phool

Shoonya said...

Thanks guys !!
The lyricist has left it to your own interpretation. So, what you are saying can also be true. But i am still more convinced about my interpretation :)
Actually, the original song is called gonda phool, but could not find it online. Let me also know, if you find it somewhere:)

Narendran said...


Thanks a lot for the translation.. I was diggin in the internet to get to know more about this song as it was a beautiful rendition of the traditional folklore combined with the modern beats... however there was something written in the ndtv music site about this song which pissed me off dunno whether it was true or not but the way it was written was to attack AR and ROMP check that out here

Shoonya said...

I saw an interview of Rakeysh Mehra, where he acknoledged that 'the song is picked from chattishgarhi folk tale and we have credited the people behind that in the CD'.
With folk tales, it is difficult to identify and credit all the creators.
Also, ultimately it has been modified / remixed. So in my opinion, it should not be that big an issue.
And finally, we don't know behind the scene stories (mentioned in the link), there are always controversies in such cases.

Narendran said...

I completely agree with what you are saying... the one who wrote the disgusting comment in ndtv towards AR is the life partner of Raghuvir Yadav and she was literally abusing AR in that entry.. anyways as you said we cant think about all those behind screen politics... I was pissed off by her comment and I am not questioning the integrity of AR or ROMP. I grew up listening to AR and will always be a fan of his music.. Thanks for taking your time and explaining... cheers...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, as you can see this is my first post here.
Hope to receive some assistance from you if I will have any quesitons.
Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

R said...

Nice job with the translation.

Anonymous said...


Daman said...

Genda phool means fake that her in-laws or her new life may look pretty but is fake.

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nice article, thank you. I signed to your rss feed!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the song, can go on listening to it. LOL

Just something to note,

genda phool (marigold), is the only flower used in weddings and funerals. that is something to think about. I think it means, sasural, has its good and bad, and one is always in a position, where love and respect for husband makes one accept the difficult relationships that go with the mother-in-law, and sister-in-law.
Since these relationships are the most difficult in most traditional, conservative families. ( the song is a folklore, hence the meaning has to be in relation to those times, and one has to keep that period in mind).

Just a thoutht.

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Anonymous said...

hi .. im from chhattisgarh .. and i knw this song ... which is sung during marriages ... thank you so much for this blog ..

optimistic girl said...

Very nice explanation.. First time I get to know abt actual lyrics if this song.. :)